The One Where Clayne Crawford Allegedly Hit Lance Henriksen In The Mouth With A Bottle Of Green Tea

the way they were.

Folks, I don’t know if Lethal Weapon’s Clayne Crawford really did hit cult movie great Lance Henriksen in the mouth with a bottle of green tea—and if so, under what circumstances (during a scene? between scenes?).

But Crawford’s former co-star on the series, Damon Wayans, has alleged just that.

In a furious tweetstorm following the announcement of Crawford’s official departure from the show, Wayans also alleges that Crawford’s shoddy direction in one episode left him bleeding from the back of the head from shrapnel, that Crawford was mean to women on the set, and that there were even stickers passed around the crew with the phrase “Clayne Crawford Is An Emotional Terrorist.”


I’ll be 100% honest that I haven’t been following the popular FOX adaptation of the popular movie franchise…and only realized that Damon Wayans was co-starring in it (as Danny Glover’s character, which makes me feel like I’m too old for this shit) approximately one day ago. But the behind-the-scenes stuff I’m reading about regarding this show is bananas…I mean, for Crawford (super-popular actor) to get fired off of this hit show, things must have been really bad.

yikes with a capital Yikes

And the irony, to me, is that the character Crawford was playing—the one originally made famous by Mel Gibson—was nuts, wasn’t he? (I mean…the tagline for the show literally calls his character “crazy”)


Crawford excelled in playing a character that might have mirrored his real-life personality. That energy came through in his performance and made it great…but also allegedly put the cast & crew through hell.

It’s not an uncommon dilemma in Hollywood. (Paging Kevin Spacey…)

But fear not, Lethal Weapon fans. In (at least to me) an even more bananas development, Seann William Scott—American Pie’s Seann William Scott—has been announced as Crawford’s replacement on the show. That’s not quite Ashton-Kutcher-replacing-Charlie-Sheen level, but it’s pretty close. That said, Scott, like Kutcher, has that broad amiable somewhat gentle stoner appeal that should at least keep the show going on for a few more seasons.