Listen To Quentin Tarantino Talk About Charles Manson Conspiracy Theories

tarantino manson.jpg

No less a reasonable mind as Quentin Tarantino leads a discussion about the questioned culpability of Charles Manson in regards to the Sharon Tate murder. Obviously, even back when this audio was recorded, the topic of Manson was firmly on the mind of the director—who is currently, of course, directing a film on just that very subject.

It makes you wonder the level of “sympathy” Tarantino might have for Manson in this film, and how he might portray the murders on Cielo Drive.

Bonus: an extra conspiracy theory on the Lindbergh Baby case, and some Fox News-level wharrgarbl about the word “Rise”—both courtesy of Robert Hendrikson, director of the seminal 1973 documentary Manson.