Just Look At This Nasty Giant “Exorcist” Doll


I’ll just bet what’s been missing from your life 15-inch tall epically grotesque doll of the possessed Regan from the original Exorcist movie. For slightly under $100 this highly-posable talking doll literally from Hell (well…actually, Mezco) can be yours:

“Standing at a menacing 15 inches tall, Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist is presented in a real cloth nightgown from the film. The possessed youth says 6 iconic and hair-raising phrases including “It burns!” and “Keep away! The sow is mine!”. The devil is in the details and each of them have been captured here; from Regan’s untamed real hair to her crazed, piercing eyes and maniacal grin. This Mega Scale Exorcist figure features 11 points of articulation for dynamic nightmarish poses.”


Pre-order it now and have this sure-to-generate-good-karma item in your house by Samhain!