Logan Paul Ends His Daily Vlog


All good things must come to an end. Also, Logan Paul is apparently ending his Daily Vlog.

Paul has built a massive 17 million-strong YouTube subscriber base since September 2016, but has decided to “to exercise (my) creativity in different ways.”  He also noted that the channel itself would survive in some sort of format.

The grind of producing daily videos is a bit intense, and perhaps Paul, who has already has such a huge fanbase, figured it was time to start branching out. But I have to also imagine that the heat he got at the start of the year looking for suicide corpses in a Japanese forest might have also played its part in the decision.

It wasn’t just that Paul had to put his channel on a one-month break because of the fallout from the suicide victim incident. But the controversy ended up creating a blow-back on other YouTube producers—even ones that seemingly had nothing to do with the type of channel Paul put out (and I’m specifically thinking of the Spider-Man/Elsa unofficial vids).

Pretty much, the censorship/outrage genie was out of the bottle—and Paul, due to his exceedingly high-profile, sorta made that possible.

Seeing the writing on the wall concerning the future of YouTube, did Paul decide to just concentrate on future ventures outside the platform?

Or was he simply trolling all of us?