The Time The Kids Show “Arthur” Had A South Park-Style Alien Abduction Scene


The fact that the PBS children’s show Arthur once featured a South Park parody is bizarre enough…the creepy content of said parody, which features a SP-style alien abduction puts it over the top.

Here Arthur is carried off by Communion-style aliens, placed on an examination table/serving dish, and gets his clothes “blasted” off (WTF???). The aliens eventually reject him because he has “too much cholesterol.”

Immediately thinking this was some sort of urban legend, I had to like double- & triple-check this to make sure it real & not a fan thing. But no, it ran during Arthur’s fourth season in 1999, also featuring parodies of Beavis and Butthead and Dr. Katz.

Anyway…you want to expose children as early as possible to those nightmare-inducing Strieber-style Fire In The Sky-esque alien examination tropes—I guess.

According to the PBS website, by the way, the show is made for children 4 to 8.