John Cusack Isn’t Thrilled About This “High Fidelity” Reboot, Folks


High Fidelity is a 2000 film starring John Cusack as a record store owner who likes to recite top ten lists to the camera. It’s a very iconic film of that period, and considered a “classic” at this point.

The new High Fidelity is going to be a Disney TV show for teens. I can almost bet you money that the show was pitched as a way to capitalize on the current vinyl record revival/fad.

The new High Fidelity is also going to star a female as the protagonist. I don’t consider that, in itself, a deal breaker…but in order to keep the “flavor” of the original, she would really need to keep the overall sardonic/cynical/obsessive/over-analyzing personality traits of the Cusack character. Which…I just don’t think is going to happen (maybe I’m wrong).

Cusack himself, when recently asked about said High Fidelity reboot on Twitter, had this to say:

“…they’ll fuck it up.”

His point in the full Twitter response was that the key to High Fidelity was its misery. To make it into an “upbeat” TV series misses the point.


But I feel like some of these reboots are just “containers” anyway for whatever is the current “flavor” the network or studio wants to push. The fact is, it’s MUCH easier to “sell” a reboot/revival, something based on a preexisting brand or idea. It’s easier to sell it to the network/studio, it’s easier to sell it to the advertisers, it’s easier to sell it to the media in terms of PR…it’s just easier.

Whether that actually translates to viewership—sort of the last factor in this entire equation—is a completely different story.