Was Rick And Morty’s “Bushworld Adventures” A Slap In The Face To Dan Harmon?

“Bushworld Adventures” Rick

To recap: on April Fool’s Day, Adult Swim aired a “fake” episode of Rick & Morty called “Bushworld Adventures.” It featured the same characters, but placed in an Australian setting and animated by Michael Cusack. As far as I know, the actual Rick & Morty creators/showrunners, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, had NOTHING to do with this 10-minute short (and they very noticeably didn’t tweet about it either).

This is all very significant because as I explain in this post, Season 4 of Rick & Morty has not been greenlit by Adult Swim yet. In fact…it’s kinda late at this point; with new episodes for the show (if arriving at all) not expected until 2019 or even 2020.

from “Bushworld Adventures”

So in one sense…it’s understandable that Adult Swim would hire a completely different animator to make a “parody” episode of R&M…just to give the fans *something.*


Last year, the first legit episode of Season 3 of R&M was unexpectedly dropped on April Fool’s Day. It was a HUGE deal, and the fans were over the moon about it. That does, however, make the symbolic significance of this “fake” ep dropping this year on the same day kinda suspect.

It almost feels like Adult Swim is sort of…sending a “message” to Harmon and Roiland, in the middle of what must be (considering how long it’s been taking) “difficult” contract negotiations.

more “Bushworld Adventures”

Now, keep in mind what happened to Harmon right before Season 4 of his other hit show, Community—he was fired & replaced. The entire Season 4 of Community was, in a way, like “Bushworld Adventures.” A “similar-but-different” show.

Finally, I couldn’t help but notice how Roiland’s infamous Rick & Morty prototype cartoon, The Real Animated Adventures Of Doc and Mharti, was referenced in the Cusack version. Too gross to explain here, but if you are familiar wth Doc and Mharti, you know exactly what I’m referring to. And that seemed to be an online cartoon that was “pulled” for the most part during the Rick & Morty era. So…it’s weird that suddenly Adult Swim seems cool to reference it.

from “Doc and Mharti”

Long story short: was “Bushworld Adventures” Cusack’s “try-out” for R&M?

Is Harmon/Roiland returning to R&M?

If they don’t return, would Adult Swim continue to make new eps with other cartoonists?

Exhibit “A”: officially-licensed “Bushworld Adventures” swag on Hot Topic:


And here’s the full-length “Bushworld Adventures”: