The One With Stan Lee’s Allegedly Stolen Blood Used To Sign Black Panther Comics


What. In. The. Literal. Fuck.


When this story first passed by my feed, I thought it was a leftover April Fool’s Day post. Because no way in the three-dimensional world in which we actually live in could this POSSIBLY be real.

Allegedly…the stolen blood of Marvel Comics “patriarch” and Geek icon Stan Lee was used to sign a bunch of Black Panther and other comics in Las Vegas.

Per io9 (following up on a TMZ piece I’m not linking to here):

According to TMZ, the comics are being sold at the Las Vegas Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., an officially licensed exhibition and retail store based on Disney and Marvel Studios’ Avengers movies currently operating at Treasure Island Las Vegas. The site obtained a certificate of authenticity included with one of the stamped comics—retailing for up to $500—claiming that the signature on the book has been “hand-stamped with Stan Lee’s Solvent DNA Ink.” One of the many curious things about certificate is that it ties the comics and Lee’s purportedly stolen blood back to Hands of Respect, whose logo is printed at the bottom of the document.

His damn *DNA*, people! They’re even stealing his DNA to make geek shibboleths to sell.

It gets even *weirder* in that there is apparently a claim that Lee authorized the “blood transfer” to use in an effort to benefit victims of last October’s Las Vegas shooting. Per some sort of posting purporting to describe the actual provenance of said Stan Lee blood:

Stan Lee’s Solvent DNA Ink™ was created with the highest of care and standards. Blood was drawn from Stan Lee by a hand-selected nurse and under the direction of Dr. Ram Dandillaya, M.D., FACC, FACP, Clinical Chief of Cardiology, Beverly Hills, California and Stan Lee’s Hands of Respect™ Medical Ambassador. Following the strictest of protocols, Stan Lee’s blood was delivered to Cleansnap™, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of ink products, where a team of chemists developed and uniquely customized in composition specifically for Stan Lee’s Hands of Respect™. Hand-stamped signatures utilizing Stan Lee’s Solvent DNA Ink™ are certified, authenticated and numbered with Certificates of Authenticity.

This brings up the question, to me, of why in the hell a fan would want to buy something with Lee’s blood and DNA on it. I wouldn’t want to buy a styrofoam cup with Sebastian Stan’s lip-scum on it. I mean…where does the depravity end, here?

In this post, I go over some of the ways the elderly Lee seems to have been taken advantage of by various people. Is this blood thing another of those situations? The io9 article leaves it a little open-ended. But I wouldn’t be the least surprised if it was actually the case.