“The First Purge” Trailer Reaction



This movie seems to be essentially about the American government, with a Trump-like president, starting the Purge. They commit a false-flag operation using ex-military, who pretend to be the citizens of a lower-income community largely made up of people of color. By instigating the violence, they can create more violence and perhaps blame it all on the community; I guess, justifying the Purge?

There is a larger backdrop involving some evil bloodless Ted-talky woman played by Marisa Tomei, who is the mastermind of the whole thing; and also some inference that there is like a very dilettante culture around her that fetishizes Purge elements in some way.

The producers of this film seem to have a marketing strategy here where they can play upon the paranoia/views of both the Left and the Right; regard the MAGA and “Statue of Liberty” versions of the movie’s poster. On top of that, you have a society that, to an extent, has lost its sense of irony; a portion of said society who sort of takes these movies literally and/or interprets certain negative elements as desirable.

And so I have two opinions regarding this film so far:

  1. It seems like an interesting commentary on our political/sociological situation that might create intellectual debate and give people new ways of contemplating current events.
  2. It seems like the type of film that might provoke some degree of real-life violence; I don’t mean so much a “copy cat” situation as creating a low-level sort of violent “energy” that subconsciously operates in a populace already on the edge.

Which…kind of makes the Tomei character a stand-in for Universal in all this.