The Future Of Erotica Is Literally AI-Generated Blobs


I don’t I need to use the black bars or the low-res squares to “bleep” any of this out, right? I mean, what we have here is…literally computer generated blobs of flesh.

Precocious teenage whiz-kid Robbie Barrat has created these examples of “futuristic erotic images” (my phrase, not his) from feeding a neural network thousands of nude portraits. To be fair, those portraits were from “a few hundred years ago at least”…but we see the larger potential here, don’t we, readers? Well, certainly that fine news source The Daily Mail did, using the headline “The Future Of Porn?”

one of Barrat’s AI-generated portraits

So what Barrat did was “train” the AI, through the use of a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), to create its own nude portraits. The GAN has two parts: a generator (creates new AI images based on previous data) and a discriminator (compares these “fake” images with real images.

Said Barrat to CNET:

“They both get better and better at their jobs over time, so the longer the GAN is trained, the more realistic the outputs will be.”

What a “Perfect 10” might look like in this wild new reality

And so the question I have is…is the ultimate objective to create the “gold standard” of nude portraits if you will—something akin to Plato’s “ideal forms”…

…or is it more like AI itself is creating erotica for itself to get off on? Does the artificial intelligence find these blobs hot, in other words?

The interesting bit of synchronicity, the hottest meme right now is also a big digital presumably naked blob of flesh: Globglogabgalab, from the independent animated feature Strawinsky and the Mysterious House.

Should we go quietly into our digital flesh-blob future?