Charlie Day Wants You To Know That Geiszler And Gottlieb Are Lovers


I figured this would be a nice counter-point to the post I did last week about Martin Freeman vigorously denying any homosexual subtext in the series Sherlock. Recently, Pacific Rim: Uprising star Charlie Day addressed the massive (MASSIVE) fanbase for “slash” romantic fan-fiction between his character Newton Geiszler and Burn Gorman’s Hermann Gottlieb.

(How big is this Geiszler/Gottlieb fandom, by the way? Well, on the fan-fiction site Archive Of Our Own, there are over 2000 fics based on the pairing.)

Said Day intriguingly at the Pacific Rim: Uprising premiere, referring to his and Gorman’s characters:

“He’s been separated from Hermann, so he’s kind of not himself, he has no one keeping him real. And he misses the man that he’s in love with.”


When the interviewer suggested that Day might be “shipping” Geiszler/Gottlieb, the actor confirmed:

“People have been shipping it, but I think they’re totally right…It completely informs the character. I honestly was thinking about it that way when I was acting through those scenes, and it’s so much more interesting. So thank you to the fans for writing along with the writers.”


And so look at that: a (presumably straight) actor can be totally cool with fans shipping his character in a homosexual relationship. What a concept! It’s almost as if…as if these are broadly-defined fictional characters functioning ultimately in an organic creative space within the mind which individuals can use to process their thoughts and feelings via the use of archetypes.

Well. Alert Martin Freeman!