Nickelodeon Severs Ties With TV Producer Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider in the 1985 comedy “Better Off Dead”

Yesterday Nickelodeon parted ways with a man who can almost be seen as the “Walt Disney” of modern Nick, Dan Schneider.

In a joint statement, Nickelo—

—oh, wait, excuse me for a minute…




…OK, where was I? Oh, right:

In a joint statement, Nickelodeon and Schneider said the following:

“Following many conversations together about next directions and future opportunities, Nickelodeon and our long-time creative partner Dan Schneider/Schneider’s Bakery have agreed to not extend the current deal…Since several Schneider’s Bakery projects are wrapping up, both sides agreed that this is a natural time for Nickelodeon and Schneider’s Bakery to pursue other opportunities and projects.”

Schneider is responsible for such iconic Nick hits such as iCarly, The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, Victorious, and Kenan & Kel. (Yes, he was also Dennis Blunden on the 1980s sitcom Head Of The Class) As of 2017, Schneider’s Henry Danger was still Nick’s #2 show right behind Spongebob Squarepants; and of this writing, Henry Danger is the #1 show on the entire network.

So why did the producer and the network part ways? Was it merely that the “tides” were changing in terms of kiddie TV?


Deadline offered the following other possible reasons for this split:

Among other things, I hear there had been multiple complaints of abusive behavior against Schneider filed by members of his staff.

Schneider has been Nick’s top creator/showrunner of live-action comedy hits for the past two decades. He is credited in part with discovering such young actresses as Ariana Grande, Amanda Bynes, Jami Lynn Spears and Victoria Justice who were cast as leads of his series.

But along with all his success, for years Schneider had been under a cloud of suspicion over the treatment of some younger stars of his shows. Among the things that have raised eyebrows are his tweeted photos of the toes of his young female stars.


In addition…apparently…some people in the gossip/4chan/Reddit communities are rather…passionate about this particular news story. Perhaps there will be more info on this story to come, so I’ll just leave it here.


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