Jack Torrance’s Corduroy Jacket Up For Sale At “Shining” Auction


Now, here’s a Hollywood relic with some good energy attached to it! I’m surprised this one isn’t at the Smithsonian next to the ruby slippers and Archie Bunker’s chair.

Italian auction website Aste Bolaffi is currently offering a whole array of Stanley Kubrick goodies, including military tools from Full Metal Jacket, a hat from Barry Lyndon, and a clapboard from Eyes Wide Shut.

There are also several key items from The Shining up for auction, such as Jack Torrance’s signature burgundy corduroy jacket (starting bid: $12,000) and a super-rare cut of the movie itself including a never-before-seen deleted scene.


Kubrick had a habit of burning all unused footage, so this should be a real treat; I hope whoever wins this auction puts the footage up on YouTube, stat.

The Aste Bolaffi auction begins March 27.