Deadpool 2 Trailer Reaction


So after all this test screening drama, the producers were just like…fuck it, this is the X-Force movie.

Just fuck this concept of “Deadpool 2″…this is the X-Force movie.

This is the X-Force movie with an ample amount of Cable in it. And…you know, of course Deadpool in it.

It’s a franchise-building trailer, and of course being self-referential and all about breaking the 4th wall, Deadpool admits it.

And…you know, Terry Crews is in it. So there’s that.

Oh crap, there’s T.J. Miller in it too, isn’t there? But I think the Terry Crews-ness can sort of counteract it. You know, if you pour in enough Terry Crews, you can’t even taste the T.J. Miller. OK, you do still taste it a little bit; it “repeats,” if you know what I mean. But by that time you’ve already consumed it.

Okey Dokey. Enjoy, have a great Thursday.