With No 4th Season Renewal Yet, Is “Rick And Morty” In Trouble?


Oh, geez Rick.

The cult animated show Rick and Morty has apparently not been renewed yet by Adult Swim for a 4th season…and executive producer Dan Harmon is resorting to passive-aggressive tweets about it:


As much as I’ve loved Rick and Morty—and indeed, I have the “Pocket Morty” game on my phone—after being a fan of Harmon’s other big hit Community and witnessing all the bullshit that went through, I’m just running out of hope here.

As I’ve outlined in this post, Community was a thriving cult TV series…right up to its third season, when things got extremely shaky behind the scenes. Harmon was infamously booted by the studio before the fourth season started. And when he made his triumphant return in season five…that show was ran right into the ground.

Is a similar thing happening to Rick and Morty?

“Exhibit A” might be Harmon himself being called out by former Community writer Megan Ganz for “filthy, creepy behavior”—he made a long apology on his podcast, and Ganz apparently forgave him, but who knows how Adult Swim reacted to all that behind-the-scenes?

Harmon has been the first person to admit he’s a hard person to work with. He admits that through the entire Harmontown documentary about him. And his attitude did have an impact on the fate of Community—with the paradox being, of course, that without Harmon, there also wouldn’t have even been a Community.

It’s just hard for me to imagine Adult Swim dragging their feet on renewing a merchandising goldmine like Rick and Morty…unless they had a really big reason.

Rick and Morty producer, writer and voice actor Ryan Ridley recently had this to say about the subject on a podcast:

“As far as I know, no one is working on the show. I’m certainly not. So I don’t know what’s going on. I haven’t heard anything. Yeah, they really take their time. I’ve never understood why all parties —Dan, Justin and Adult Swim—didn’t get their shit together and make the show fast. I just don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m sure they all have their reasons.”

It’s pretty much impossible at this point for a 4th season of Rick and Morty to debut in 2018. And if Adult Swim doesn’t move soon, there might not even be a show to debut in 2020.

But it’s also crazy to me that Adult Swim would let this series die, when something like Family Guy has like 18 seasons and counting. It’s like I literally don’t believe it.

There’s something going on. Now that Harmon’s doing those helpful passive-aggressive tweets, I guess we’ll find out soon.

Bonus points for that one commenter on Harmon’s tweet thread who threatened to “cut himself” if the show wasn’t renewed because I’m sure backlash over obnoxious Rick and Morty fans wasn’t a factor for Adult Swim either.