This Video On VHS Generation Loss Will Give You Massive Anxiety


It starts innocently enough: a YouTuber provides a lesson on how the audio and visual quality of a video degrades after each generation. You know: making a copy of a copy of a copy…

The short clip chosen for this experiment is from a 1991 VHS of the band Roxette. And so this clip is played over and over again, as each generation is made; as the image starts to disintegrate into static and the sound warps into an unintelligible soup.

Somewhere around the 6th generation, you might start to experience a creeping anxiety. This will only get steadily worse, so by the 13th generation you might feel you have literally fallen into a hissing, static-filled hell.

By the 18th generation, you will hear a knock at your front door. Who could be?


On second thought, maybe don’t play this video.

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