Some Fans Are Boycotting The Blu-ray Release Of The Snyderless Justice League


To say that there has been a lot of drama over the making of the ultimately ill-fated Justice League would be an understatement. It was initially believed that the movie’s original director Zack Snyder, of Watchmen fame, had left the movie in mid-shoot because of the tragic suicide of his daughter; Snyder was replaced by Joss Whedon.

But later information suggested that a nervous Warner Bros might have done to Justice League what it did to Green Lantern—jump the gun and mess with stuff before the movie came out. Did the WB want to push Snyder out of this movie? And what would Snyder’s version of Justice League have looked like?

At any rate, a newly Whedon-fied Justice League was apparently rushed out the door so fast that the studio didn’t even have the time doing a decent CGI removal of Superman actor Henry Cavill’s mustache. In the aftermath, some DC and Snyder fans blamed the film’s failure on Warner Bros for replacing the director—and chastising the studio for not, at the very least, releasing a “Snyder Cut” of the movie.

And so, according to the site Cinema Cure, there is apparently a boycott of the Blu-ray/DVD/digital release of Justice League, at least among some fans. In lieu of purchasing the movie, they will be donating to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention—which, I would imagine, is in honor of Snyder’s daughter.

Will Warner Bros. heed these fans and eventually put out a Snyder cut of the film? I think a big factor here would be where the studio intends to go with the post-Justice League films. If they want to move as far away from the Snyder era as possible, then to push a Snyder cut would be confusing branding. But as we’ve seen with the release of the Richard Donner cut of Superman II…these things seem to happen eventually, if for no other reason than $$$.

My personal opinion: if they would have let Snyder do 100% his own vision of the DC Universe from the very beginning of his “era,” things would have worked out better. But these films always looked like this amalgamation of Snyder (which would lean darker, using stuff like Miller’s Dark Knight as inspiration) with these “movie by committee” concerns to make the movies more “family-friendly” (to sell those “budget” action figures to the kids at Walmart).