Random Stuff: Shazam!, Shape Of Water, Ready Player One Vs. Wrinkle In Time, Mute, and Cannon Films


Leaked photos from the set of the upcoming Shazam! film—depicting Zachary Levi in a muscle-suit—left me a bit confused. I guess…I thought he was going to play powerless alter-ego Billy Batson?

Perhaps aware of some mixed reaction to the shots, Levi himself recently posted one of the pics to Instagram with a Photoshopped mustache, tagging Henry Cavil & referencing Justice League’s Mustache-gate. So if anything else…he at least has a sense of humor about himself, which goes a long way.


I know the most burning question on your mind regarding the Oscar-winning Guillermo del Toro movie The Shape Of Water is…what do people who actually have had sex with aquatic wildlife think about the accuracy about this movie? The Huffington Post helpfully interviews Malcolm Brenner, who famously had intercourse with a dolphin.

While Brenner believes that The Shape Of Water might be a very good step in the right direction in terms of a greater acceptance of human/cetacean relations, Hollywood still has a long way to go with zoophiles in general:

As long as, apparently, the object of your desire is a featherless biped, we’re not going to let a few gills or scales stand in the way of true romance, seems to be Hollywood’s dictum. Quadrupeds? No. Animals with flukes? No. But if it looks like a man…

And there you have it.


Two new movies seem to be deeply polarizing the fan community at the moment: on one end, the diverse and female-centric A Wrinkle In Time, and on the other, the geek fanboy magnum opus Ready Player One.


Several quick thoughts:

a) It just might be possible that different audiences might like different movies.

b) Those “homage” posters for Ready Player One looked like they didn’t even try. I didn’t even know they were more than some quick crappy Photoshop until it was pointed out to me.

c) At the same time, with low box-office tracking so far, some are wondering if Ready Player One is going to be, in the words of one online writer, “the Death Rattle of the Nostalgia Machine.”

d) Again: why can’t there be audiences for both types of movies? Movies for 30-40 year-old-fanboys, and movies for 12-year-old girls and boys from our current era of existence? Why does it have to be that either Wrinkle In Time fails (and the “other side” wins), or Ready Player One fails?


e) I mean, clearly many mainstream reviewers hate A Wrinkle In Time. But how many are reviewing it and also taking into consideration who the intended audience is? You can review a movie for a peer and say: “you’re going to hate this”—but also say, “I can see how a certain demo might enjoy it.”

The best “balanced” review I’ve seen on A Wrinkle In Time in this regard was Cinema Snob’s midnight screening video. To be clear, Brad HATED this film, but Sarah, who is familiar with the original source material, was able to give a more nuanced view—not fully loving the film either, but recognizing how this could partially be an age-barrier thing. And even Brad could find some good moments in it, particularly between the girl who plays the protagonist & Chris Pine.

Here is a list of movies over the years I have found myself just not feeling any natural interest to watch: Hunger Games series, Twilight series, newest Star Wars trilogy, etc. Largely because: age barrier. Why do I still check out old cartoons and crap like that? Because I saw them as a child & it’s activating a completely different part of my brain; but I don’t even pretend that my views on these things are objective.

Speaking of great video reviews, here’s one from Ryan Hollinger that criticizes Mute for ripping off Blade Runner‘s world a bit too much, but also presents such a nuanced and non-“agenda” case that I actually have entertained the notion of giving the movie another chance (these are really the best type of reviews, just the exchange of ideas):

In other news, Michael Caine claims drugs ruined the 1960s, and that he only smoked a dooby once…

Lisa Bonet says she could always sense a “sinister, shadow energy” on TV dad Bill Cosby…

And finally, here is a video montage of the “best” of Cannon Films, reminding you that long before Jared Leto starred as a Yakuza in The Outsider, there was Franco Nero in Enter The Ninja: