Trailer Carnival: Santa Clarita Diet, Lowlife, Christopher Robin, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, And A Flick That’s The Disney Princesses Only It’s Not


The zom-com series Santa Clarita Diet gets a new trailer from Netflix for season 2. Best part: Tim Olyphant doing his now famous “everything is grea—WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!” Poetry, really.

Santa Clarita Diet season 2 arrives on March 23.

Next up is the indie movie Lowlife—featuring a man in a luchador mask and another one with a full swastika over his face—described as “early Tarantino.”

In other news, if you want to pitch a really bitchin’ movie to get the fanboys pumped & have tons of money thrown your way because you’ve apparently accessed the zeitgeist: say it features one man in a luchador mask and another with a full swastika over his face and describe it as “early Tarantino.”

Lowlife, an IFC Midnight film, hits theaters and VOD April 6th.

On the other far end of the spectrum, let’s check out the trailer for the new documentary about the life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG:

Just as an aside, who in the fuck are the handful of people who downvoted this trailer on YouTube? She’s a tiny 84-year-old woman who overcame odds to become a Supreme Court judge and survived cancer and they’re like: “fuck that SJW shit. This is why The Last Jedi failed. Stop oppressing me!!!”

RBG will be released May 4th in theaters.

Next is a terrifying movie about a possessed old teddy bear that walks and talks:

Here is one for an animated movie about Disney Princesses…only, they aren’t Disney Princesses.

It’s made by the producer of Shrek…but it’s not Shrek.

A film apparently at least four years in the making…including being in distribution limbo.

A film that features the immense voice talent that is…Wilmer Valderrama.

This movie. Called Charming:

You’re welcome.