The Grinch Trailer: “Despicable Me” But With, You Know, The Grinch


Don’t gotta a lot to say about this newly-dropped trailer for The Grinch, Illumination Entertainment’s latest animated movie, except a) I didn’t know Benedict Cumberbatch was doing the voice, b) like Dr. Strange, the casting is almost too on-the-nose, c) this movie feels like Despicable Me, with Grinch as Gru, d) there’s nothing wrong with the trailer, it’s funny enough, but e) it’s just so…calculated. Safe.

You know, The Lorax might have been batshit insane with that whole Once-ler thing (and I have a post in the can ready to go on that motherfucker), but at least it dared to be batshit insane. This just feels like the marketing people and the accountants just figured out close to the nearest dollar how much money The Grinch would make if it was handled…just…so.

But can you blame them? Why take a chance? If the kids watched The Emoji Movie, how could you say they wouldn’t watch this? I mean, fuck…I watched Captain Underpants when it came out on Netflix; and you could say that flick was probably the creative equivalent of an Alejandro Jodorowsky movie next to this.

And I watched The Emoji Movie *on demand* from Google Play.

So don’t listen to a goddamn word I say.