OK, Maybe Tom Cruise IS Considering Playing Green Lantern…


Yesterday I expressed a certain degree of skepticism as to rumors that Tom Cruise is in the running to possibly play Green Lantern in a new movie based on the superhero. But reading a recent blind item in Crazy Days And Nights—you know, where I go for all my serious comic book movie rumors—it now sounds rather likely to me:

This diminutive A+/A list mostly movie actor is the front runner to portray the lead in a new superhero movie. The thing is though, the script calls for the superhero to be killed. The actor wants no part of that and says if he is playing the role, that part of the script needs to be changed.

That’s EXACTLY what somebody like Cruise would say when handed a script like this!!! He would have little appreciation for the fandom nuances, and wonder instead, “is this a viable franchise for me & I’m going to always be front and center in it?”

This rumor also leads me to believe that they might be going for some variation to the comic book storyline where Green Lantern Hal Jordan becomes the villain Parallax, then sacrifices his life.

So there you have it—Tom Cruise may just be the person to redeem Green Lantern as a cinematic property and save the DCEU movies. Or, alternatively, kill it all dead like Universal’s Dark Universe. Either/or.