Ryan Reynolds Should Just Play Green Lantern Again


…and I’ll tell you why!

First, some context: there is current very speculative speculation that Tom Cruise might get tapped to play Green Lantern in an upcoming DCEU film. This is based on slightly less speculative speculation that the WB is actively courting Mission Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie for a new GL movie. Cruise, of course, stars in the MI franchise.

So…you do the math? (I don’t know, I’m not super-convinced of this rumor yet)

The first Green Lantern, released in 2011, starred Ryan Reynolds and was famously a box-office dud. While there were many things wrong with this movie, I feel first and foremost it was the victim of the nervous studio going back and fucking with it at the last minute. You can see this most clearly in some horrendous editing sequences where the action just seems to raggedly jump from point A to point B.

Was Reynolds miscast? I think the particular GL he was portraying, the serious and earnest Hal Jordan, wasn’t the best fit for him. He would have been far more comfortable as the comparatively more zany Kyle Rayner. But outside of that, there was nothing about this actor’s performance that was so hideously terrible. He was, as they say, simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now that Reynolds has won his superhero movie badge playing Deadpool, I see no reason he couldn’t give GL another shot—especially if the disastrous first film was referenced once or twice as a fourth wall breaking in-joke.

Could Cruise rock as GL? I think his participation would certainly bring added attention and cachet to the film. But his performance in non-traditional action movies—such as The Mummy—is questionable.

Anyway. I think sometimes the best way to live down a failure is to wear it as a shield. And I realize Warner Bros. wants to live the original Green Lantern down. But I’m not sure Cruise’s involvement will be that immediate get out of jail free card they are looking for.