Carrey, Day Eight





There’s no more room left on that piece of paper, folks.

My thoughts: First, it’s significant to me that Carrey wrote “Would there still be a need to reach for the stars?” right after the Oscars. No matter what “trip” he is on at the moment, there’s no way he wasn’t aware that the Oscars was yesterday. And I think he’s established his disenchantment with the whole celebrity/Hollywood thing in general with a whole bunch of interviews, plus the fact that he hasn’t made a ton of movies in the past decade or so.

Me personally…I am concerned. That doesn’t mean a hill of beans, and God knows I’ve been blogging about ham for the last several days myself…but who is in Carrey’s life right now centering him? These internet peeps who comment on his posts…half these peeps are asking him for favors, using the opportunity to post their own “spiritual” art, and so on.

This feels like a shitty situation. Full stop. What he’s doing is not shitty. It just feels like a shitty overall situation because he doesn’t seem to be getting the grounding that he needs.

Being “open” spiritually is not enough. It’s enough to do some pretty amazing things, sure. But it’s not enough to live.