Joaquin Phoenix: “What Movie About The Joker?”

Joaquin Phoenix Joker mock-up found on Reddit

Well, either Joaquin Phoenix is punking us or Warner Bros. is punking us…but SOMEBODY is punking us here.

Earlier this month, Variety ran an exclusive claiming that actor Joaquin Phoenix was a frontrunner to star in the upcoming Todd Phillips Joker film. But in a recent interview with the French publication Allocine, Phoenix claimed complete ignorance of the movie and his involvement with it.

Said Phoenix when asked about the movie rumor:

What movie about the Joker?

As the reporter pressed on, Phoenix continued to deny knowledge of the film, adding that he thought the idea “sounds amazing.”

A couple of things to keep in mind. First: Phoenix is known for messing around with people—I mean, this is the dude who made the mockumentary (at least I think it was a mockumentary) I’m Still Here. He could be just having a bit of fun with the reporter, the public, or both.

Second: if he hasn’t signed a contract to be in this Joker film, he has absolutely NO OBLIGATION to help promote it in any way. Because that’s then doing extra promo work he’s not even getting paid for.

Third: if he is indeed in talks to be in this flick, it may violate a non-disclosure agreement to discuss it at this juncture.

Fourth: It may be very likely that this was a BS rumor all along floated by the WB to distract from the Black Panther buzz at that time.

Warner Bros. is so up-in-the-air right now as to what direction these DCEU films are going to go, that it seems like anything is possible (or not possible)—and I’ll believe it when there is an official announcement.