Trailer Carnival: Garry Shandling, Tommy Wiseau, Zombie Dinosaurs, Barry, And A Kelsey Grammer Spider Movie


I’m just gonna bundle these recently-dropped trailers together in one post with my “quick-takes”

The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandlingan HBO documentary premiering March 26, takes a closer look at the late comedian’s inner life. If you thought his standup persona was chock full of massive self-deprecation and existential conundrums, wait until his personal journals and candid home video are on display. (a great largely unscripted “home video” of Shandling’s is this one where he suddenly visits his neighbor Tom Petty.) I’ve been a huge fan since the It’s Garry Shandling’s Show days, and will be definitely checking this out.

The Room co-stars Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero team-up again for the multi-volume (!) epic Best F(r)iends. Successfully capturing that cheap, flat, sensationalistic direct-to-home-video goodness you’d expect from a Wiseau/Sestero joint, I would probably watch this. Caveat: it’s possible that all the best scenes—at least the ones that move—are smack dab in that trailer, leaving a ton of “drag” that might be enjoyable in a Room sense or just might be just plain unbearable to sit through. Remember, in case you decide to invest the time: there are apparently two of these motherfuckers.

Best F(r)iends Volume One drops March 30th.

Why wait for the latest Jurassic World sequel when you can get the imaginatively-titled The Jurassic Dead right this very second? It’s a high-schlock trailer for a high-schlock movie about an undead T-Rex whose bite turns humans into zombies. No promises are made in this sparse trailer that the producers can’t keep—so at least you know pretty much exactly what you’re getting (which are a lot of shots of actors screaming and running around in cramped, cheap sets…and some unconvincing CGI dinosaurs/zombies).

From the director of that film classic Tsunambee.

Bill Hader plays a hitman turned community theatre actor in the upcoming HBO series Barry. The trailer, also featuring Henry Winkler, is funny, but definitely something I’ve seen before in a bunch of different permutations—the hardened criminal whose heart melts after hanging out with the quirky regular folk. Still, this could be a tour de force for former SnL actor Hader (the character reminds me of his army vet ventriloquist skit) so…

Barry premieres March 25.

And finally, big American action star Kelsey Grammer stars in this trailer for 7 Guardians Of The Tomb (not to be confused with the identically-fonted Guardians Of The Galaxy), a movie about deadly and mysterious man-eating spiders. Apparently one of the biggest Australian/Chinese movie productions to date, the film also features Chinese star Li Bingbing of Transformers: Age Of Extinction fame. Film Journal warns that 7 Guardians Of The Tomb is “incredibly dumb and tedious”—but they’ve probably just lost their inner child.

You lucky devil, this movie is out right now!