Reality Show Uses “Psychological Illusion” To See If Man Can Be Pushed To Murder


What in the literal fuck?

The new Netflix special The Push apparently features the following premise: to see how far an ordinary man can be convinced, through social pressure, to commit murder and cover up the act. So like a random guy—who doesn’t know he’s being filmed—is caught in this scenario with like 70 people he doesn’t know are actors, to see if he can be manipulated to kill someone.

And so…what if this guy does get manipulated to make this decision? Do the cops come out and arrest him for “intent?” I mean…Jesus H. Christ, can you imagine being the poor schmuck who is put through this?

“Psychological illusionist” Derren Brown, who hosts the show, remarks in the trailer:

This show is about how readily hand over authorship of our lives every day…can social compliance be used to make someone push a living breathing human being to their death?

Well, I’m actually glad we’ve gotten to this point in reality entertainment…not much more of the rubicon to cross now!

The Push airs February 27.