Trailer Reaction: Pacific Rim Uprising


Overall, this trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising is pretty entertaining. You know, it’s not Darren Aronofsky, but it’s a bunch of likable characters in giant robot suits beating up monsters & that’s OK.

Plus: little bits of Charlie Day inserted in between the titanic action shots. Just to let you know: “Charlie Day came back in the sequel.”

That all said, there are two big takeaways that immediately come to mind after watching this trailer—neither of which occasion a full “trailer analysis” post, but are things I will definitely address in future posts:

  1. Very similar to Rampage’s trailer, with the giant monsters destroying the city. And these movies are coming out about a month apart. So: this is obviously a trope that lingers in the collective unconscious at present.
  2. I’ve touched upon this topic already in this post, but to reiterate: this is a movie specifically sculpted to succeed in a global audience. It goes beyond the fact that it utilizes the pop-culture of another culture—kaiju—though certainly that’s a part of it. Increasingly, these big-budget franchise movies have to be able to deliver to a global market to be viable; full stop.

So that’s what I got. Enjoy: