Random Stuff: Superman’s Mouth, The Stalining of Tambor, Twin Peaks, Cobra Kai, And Fangoria

justice-league-henry-cavills-mouth-superman.jpgOnce again here’s a bunch of stuff that didn’t quite make “the cut” as individual posts…but are still kinda interesting.

The Wrap has a photo gallery of all the worst postproduction “edits” of Henry Cavil’s mouth for Justice League. The sheer horror of it all really underlines how doomed and cursed this movie—and probably the entire DC Snyderverse concept—really was. Can you look at those screenshots and possibly conceive of how they were allowed to make the final cut? Holy shit. Even the last frame of the movie features a close-up of Supes with the Mouth of Horror (though to be fair to whomever did the CGI work, it looks more like just a normal mean disgusted sneer):

“Man, I hope that new Mission Impossible I’m in will do better box-office! Or I’m fucked!”

Another Wrap item: so you know like how in the old-time USSR they’d “erase” people who fell out of favor with Stalin from their official photos and whatnot?


Well, actor Jeffrey Tambor—who has now been officially fired from the show Transparent after an internal investigation into sexual harassment charges—has been “erased” from the poster of The Death Of Stalin. Bonus: they’ve replaced him with an actress (there were no women on the poster before)…because, you know, Delayed Female Empowerment.





I can’t wait to see what they do with Arrested Development!

This Twin Peaks-themed Twitter account pointed out the similarities between Barack Obama’s recent portrait and the fate of Major Briggs:


Is there a deeper mystery there? I’ll leave it to you to decide!

Here is the first footage of the new Karate Kid spinoff/revival for YouTube Red, Cobra Kai (which I’ve written about in more depth here):

I felt all tingly right at this moment of the video:

cobra kai.jpg

I hate myself now for getting sucked into this crap.

Here’s my opinion of YouTube Red at this point…I have a subscription to YouTube Red. But exclusively because I just want the ads off. In fact, I’d pay YouTube extra money to not bring to my attention any of their original programming.

That said…maybe Cobra Kai? Maybe. I don’t know.

Lastly, the classic horror movie magazine Fangoria is set to be revived as a print magazine…because they know that true fans like myself will spend extra money they don’t have for product they technically don’t really need. Well played, Fangoria!


Anyway…Young Danny Devito wishes you a happy weekend!