Trailer Reaction: Rampage

Is this photo from “Rampage”? “Skyscraper”? “San Andreas?” It doesn’t matter…it’s a DWAYNE JOHNSON MOVIE!!!

To be clear, this is actually the second trailer for Rampage—now with a flying rage-filled giant wolf!

As I remember it…this movie is based on that old game with the giant monsters just destroying the city, right? Here, let me get a screenshot…


…yeah, this was one of the few video games I actually played (the other being Burger Time), because all I needed to do was destroy shit. That was fun.

And I enjoyed this trailer a lot more than I would have expected. I mean, it’s cheesy…but it’s good-natured and fun.

flying rage-filled giant wolf crashes through skyscraper, presumably killing scores of people. but there was probably a throwaway line right before the battle that the entire city was evacuated, so don’t worry.

Certainly, it’s clear that the film features those sorts of “battle in the city” scenes where entire skyscrapers fall and get bashed in and you go “well, that’s like 50-100 people dead, there’s probably another handful dead there…and there…and there…” But I know it’s not meant to be scientifically-accurate, with the flying rage-filled giant wolves and shit. (though the way our real-life genetic engineering of animals are going…)

Anyway…I’d watch it. Maybe on like Cinemax.