The Plot For Amy Schumer’s New Movie Is WHAT?


OK, OK, so here is the plot of Amy Schumer’s upcoming movie, I Feel Pretty—she plays a woman who is insecure about her looks, GETS A BRAIN INJURY, and suddenly is filled with a newfound sense of self-esteem.

Does…does Amy Schumer know what getting a concussion or other brain injury is really like? The #1 topic right now in sports are concussions and their effects. How does Peter Rabbit get pilloried for “allergy bullying” (though, to be fair, the film was more like straight-up teaching kids how to murder people with allergies) but I Feel Pretty gets a pass?

Was this plot cribbed from an old Heckle and Jeckle cartoon? You don’t just get a hit on the head and suddenly reverse 20, 30 years of being told by your peers, the media, and possibly even your mom that you have failed to live up to societal standards of attractiveness and value. You don’t get a brain injury and launch immediately into an Amy Schumer light comedy. THAT’S NOT HOW THESE THINGS WORK!!!!

If you fall and get a head injury, you might experience shit immediately after like nausea, memory loss, spontaneous bursts of rage, and possibly even being covered with blood. Are all that in this movie? Does she do a follow-up examination to make sure she doesn’t spontaneously die of a hemorrhage? Does her character struggle with cognitive difficulties in the weeks or even months after the accident?

yep this is what usually happens in the aftermath of a concussion.

I mean, you’re basically telling women with this movie that the best, most fastest way to regaining self-esteem is physical injury. HOLY SHIT!

But beyond this, it’s just…this whole Amy Schumer shtick where somehow her joking about how she is “unattractive” is supposed to be “empowering” to women. I’ve written a whole article on my other blog mapping my reaction to watching one of her comedy specials—the Reader’s Digest version of it is, IT WAS AS DEPRESSING AS FUCK!!!!!

The whole plot of I Feel Pretty is so…retrograde. It’s so something from a much earlier time, and not in a good way…not even in an ironic way. I could almost see a tolerable variation of this plot where it was consciously making fun of the types of old movies and cartoons where plotlines like this were actually used. (you know the ones…where Elmer Fudd gets hit on the head and a long “bump” protrudes from his cranium complete with flock of tiny birds flying around it)

It’s another of these WTF Hollywood films where you wonder where anybody was, during the entire process, who could have seen the pitfalls clearly and could have said something to prevent all this.

That said, if there is an audience for this, that’s great. I’m not going to begrudge them. But I seriously question whether there truly is an audience for this. But I also questioned whether Trump would get elected, soooo….