Ethan Hawke Cast As Nikola Tesla In New Biopic


In our age of “maverick” tech innovators with companies named Tesla, is it time for another movie about maverick tech innovator Nikola Tesla? Sure, why not?

Ethan Hawke will be portraying the Serbian-American inventor in a new movie, Tesla; the film will be written and directed by Michael Almereyda, who worked with Hawke on 2000’s Hamlet. Tesla will include the man’s feud with Thomas Edison (who, spoilers, eventually “won”), and the creation of the AC motor.

David Bowie as Tesla in “The Prestige”

Tesla has previously been played by Nicholas Hoult in last year’s The Current War, and David Bowie in 2006’s The Prestige. After using the archetype of the sinister tech wiz in films such as Iron Man 3, Transcendence, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice…and, fuck it, The Social Network…will Hollywood now “rehabilitate” it with more positive portrayals?

Which is to say: is our model of this archetype Mark Zuckerberg or Nikola Tesla? Or is Tesla the Eduardo Saverin in this comparison?

Anyway. I should probably end this post with an actual pic of Ethan Hawke:


There you go.