Random Stuff: Sheen, Grinch, Charmed, Richard Linklater, Hilary Duff, Robin Hood Sucks


As the title says, here’s just a bunch of random stuff I want to clear out of my bookmarks…

First, do check out this Hollywood Reporter interview with former major league baseball player Lenny Dykstra about Charlie Sheen…he makes a LOT of allegations here (like, crazier than Quincy Jones-level allegations) including that Sheen basically made a “hit” on a former employee & that there is a “transsexual sex tape” with the actor floating around.

Dykstra—who apparently admitted that in the 1990s he used to gather dirt on umpires in order to blackmail them into giving him favorable calls on games—does not seem like the most credible chap ever. But the interview is just striking for the atmosphere it creates regarding the D-level Hollywood world of Sheen at the moment…just the bleakest thing you can imagine, like something out of The Nice Guys but even more sordid and depressing.

Next, here is a spot that ran during the Winter Olympics advertising some sort of new animated “Grinch” movie:

Man, that 2000 How The Grinch Stole Christmas movie really soured me on the character for almost two decades now. Do we really need another one? Sure, why not? The kids’ll love it, and it looks pretty much like every other goddamn animated movie nowadays.


There is also a new Charmed TV series in the works—this feels even less like something that “needed” to happen than the Grinch thing. But I guess it’s pretty much a no-brainer concept: three pretty young witches get along in the world. You could of made a TV series with maybe like two pretty witches or four pretty witches, but they’re going for that archetypal “triple goddess” thing I guess.

Because the concept is “updated,” the three characters in this new version will be very precise “types,” including a science nerd & a LGBT character. And that’s fine, I think there should be more diverse characters out there. But it’s always such a joke to me how much these companies and movie/TV makers and producers will tout this progressive approach when many have been such caveman-level borderline-bigots behind the scenes. “Grrl Power” for the masses, but decades of harassment in private. It all whittles down to how much ad, ticket, and subscriber revenue they think they’ll get (or lose).


I’ve always loved director Richard Linklater’s movies Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly, and his next film should be interesting. It’s about the 1969 moon landing, and recently he put a call out for any amateur footage regarding the event.

This might not go down well with all of the Conspiracy Crowd—those who might know Linklater best for the Alex Jones cameos he puts in his films. The Moon Landing Is Fake, don’t you know!?

Of course…what would be fucking hilarious is if Linklater said he was doing a movie about the moon landing—but he was actually doing an expose about how it was faked (hence asking the public for footage)! That’s probably not even remotely true, but it would be fucking hilarious.

Here is a photo of former Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff as Sharon Tate, which the actress recently shared on Instagram:


That’s…probably some bad karma there, but what do I know?

Lastly, The AV Club recently did a pretty enjoyable retrospective on the 1991 Kevin Costner film Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. I always get this film confused with the Mel Brooks parody Robin Hood: Men In Tights—and I’ll bet you I’m not the only one. The article hits the nail right on the head regarding why this film failed to click with audiences:

Watching the movie in a society 23 years more advanced, both technologically and culturally, I found myself wondering just who Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves was for in the first place. If the experiences of my friends, loved ones, and coworkers are any indication, it was meant for kids with a taste for action and explosions with few scruples about either acting or dialogue. But given the movie’s cast—Costner, Rickman, Freeman, Mastrantonio, Christian Slater, and a brief appearance from Sean Connery—it seems like the filmmakers and producers at least tried to approach the story with some seriousness.

And you could clearly see that lack of focus on the desired demographic with the toy line Kenner put out for this film. Two different Kevin Costner action figures?! Sign 10-year-old-me the fuck up!!!!


Have a great weekend.