Classic TV Mini-Series “V” Is Getting A New Movie Trilogy


Certainly, you remember the 1980s mini-series (and short-lived TV show) V—about an alien invasion of Earth by humanoid aliens who turn out to be deadly lizard-creatures. There was a revival television series in 2009, and now apparently Desilu Studios is currently working on a 3-movie franchise based on the concept with original creator Kenneth Johnson writing and directing.

Of note is that the name Desilu is attached to this…the original Desilu Productions made Star Trek back in the 1960s. Did they just get the license for V?

I could see how one could do a hyper-paranoid version of V in the current political climate. I’ve also always believed that part of the “reptilian shapeshifter” conspiracy stories that have been floating around since the 1990s was at least in part highly influenced by the original hyper-paranoid TV mini-series.

I mean: Lizard-men (and women) in flimsy rubber human masks take over the world like Nazis—that’s the original premise of V. And then if you read some of those conspiracy theories (of which David Icke is probably the most iconic promoter of), it’s really damn similar (though of course the conspiracy theorists would respond that the makers of V were just trying to get the “truth” out to the People).

Anyway, there you go. Who will the “Visitors” represent in this iteration? That would be interesting.