A Couple Accidentally Bought The American Horror Story House—And Are Now Suing


When Dr. Ernst von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold purchased the the Rosenheim Mansion in 2015, they claim they had no idea that it was used in the TV series American Horror Story. But after fans kept making pilgrimages to the spot, they realizes that it became a “macabre tourist attraction,” with AHM aficionados allegedly trespassing and even trying to break into the home.

Said their attorney Doug Vanderpool to The Real Deal:

A week before I first visited them [to work on the case], they had been awakened by the sound of glass breaking— someone came in through the window in the kitchen…

The couple are now suing the brokers who negotiated the $3.2 million deal, claiming they were never informed about the Rosenheim Mansion’s connection to the FX horror TV series.

Now, a logical question to ask regarding all this is…were there also ghosts haunting the mansion?

Why yes, there was! Vanderpool also said the brokers failed to inform the couple that there were two ghosts haunting the house—though that allegation was not included in the official complaint.

Which just goes to show…if you are contemplating the purchase of an imposing $3.2 million dollar mansion, make sure it hasn’t been used in any horror-related things (fictional, non-fictional, and otherwise).