Venom Movie Trailer Reaction

This is pretty much Tom Hardy through the entire trailer

Well…not a whole lot of Venom here in this trailer, is there?

OK, I’ll admit: when you have a movie like this that is going to have to depend on a great deal of CGI and/or makeup for the title creature, and you don’t show any of the creature in the trailer (there is a tiny bit of black CGI goop in a glass tube)…I get worried. It’s sort of a crap shoot, you know? Because it could either mean that the final product is going to be so amazing that you’ll shit your pants in sheer bliss over the results…or it’s going to be crap. (All of which is where I get the phrase “crap shoot” from)

OR, third option here: they just don’t show a lot of Venom in the movie at all (leaving it for the presumptive sequel or perhaps subscribing to the idea that “less is more.”)

Tom Hardy seems more than adequate for the role, such as it is (he did as much as he could with Bane in The Dark Knight Rises; probably a little bit more than his pay grade). Michelle Williams is kind of like a surprise appearance here; will she play The Girlfriend or the Female Scientist? Who knows??? I certainly hope she was paid well.

And that’s my take on what little we have in this trailer. I don’t want to detract from this National Holiday for Venom fans everywhere.