T.J. Miller Apparently No Longer Suitable To Provide Voice For Animated Snot Man


In Hollywood (and Madison Avenue, for that matter), you know you are in trouble when you are deemed too “problematic” to even provide the voice for an animated sentient booger. This might have happened to former Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller, who has been suddenly replaced as the voice of “Mr. Mucus” in the Mucinex commercials.

Was it because of recent allegations against Miller for sexual misconduct? When asked about the switch, a spokesperson for Mucinex wouldn’t confirm, opting instead to sing the praises of the NEW voice of Mr. Mucus, Jason Mantzoukas (whom you might have caught on The Good Place this season).

But the timing is a little suspect, in that Miller was replaced just in time for a pricey Mucinex Super Bowl commercial…and that other spots with him as Mr. Mucus have been apparently pulled from the Mucinex YouTube page.

But at least we still have Miller as “Meh” from The Emoji Movie. They can’t take that away from us.