Opinion: The Real Reason The Game Of Thrones Guys Were Picked For Star Wars

“Throne Wars” mashup art by Andrew Tran

By now you have no doubt heard of the news that Game Of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been tapped to do a series of new “Star Wars” movies. This seems like a no-brainer…take the team behind one of the hottest TV shows and get them to shape one of the hottest (if somewhat directionless) movie franchises. It’s what is known as “instant money,” something you can bank on.

But I feel it goes deeper than that. And the key is this aforementioned lack of direction…or, rather, any sort of deep internal vision/conviction.

The Star Wars producers have been accused by some groups of trying to “shake things up” too much with the inclusion of female heroines & diverse casts; people who believe this are completely missing the point.

The point is: the Star Wars peeps—and Disney—want to make money. They want to take the safest route possible. They did not add diversity or female leads to their franchise in order to “push the envelope.” They did it because the hot YA-based movies were doing it, and because there was a steadily growing percentage of female involvement and diversity within contemporary sci-fi fan circles—the types of people who go to conventions, cosplay, and buy ancillary merchandise. I’m not saying they solely did it just to sell more tickets…but I’m saying like they 85% did it solely to sell more tickets.

You can see the obsession of the Star Wars people have with sticking to the safest route possible in how they treated the original team of the Han Solo movie—freaking out at the last minute and replacing them with Ron “safe bet” Howard. They had specifically hired Phil Lord & Christopher Miller to get an interesting take on the character…but then had cold feet.

And make no mistake, they got cold feet following the lukewarm (if you will excuse the pun) reception of The Last Jedi. And I’m willing to bet they blamed it on very similar reasons that the conservative haters of the movie did—too much “girl power” & too much diversity. And they also probably blamed it for, in a sense, a related issue—the new trilogy was geared “too much” towards younger people.

But by “Game Of Thrones”-ing Star Wars, they “fix” that problem!

Absolutely no need to look at deeper flaws within their current franchise plans, like spreading the concept way too thin (I’m sorry, it’s just not the Marvel Universe), or moving away from the key archetypes that made the original trilogy so powerful.

It’s just another case of the Star Wars franchise-holders (I’d hate to say “Disney,” because at least the Marvel stuff is genuinely trying new things) scrambling to play it safe…while seeming edgy.