It Was Probably Stupid To Idolize Celebrities


This is just a conclusion I spontaneously made right now, and I thought I’d record it for posterity. It was probably a terrible idea earlier in my life—and possibly in the collective life of modern humanity—to look up to famous people of all kinds and immediately assume they had a single moral or sensible bone in their body.

To be fair, some celebrities are indeed bastions of benevolence; really good eggs. But given the odds—especially considering factors such as “power corrupts” and the ratio of evolved vs. unevolved human beings in general—these good and talented famous souls would probably be more akin to unicorns.

But we have been raised in a society where actors, actresses, directors, musicians, artists, politicians, sports figures, and just prominent rich people in general have been constantly presented to us via the media as living gods. That is how they are contextualized. They are often portrayed as being trustworthy, generous, kind, and even morally superior and more politically woke than the rabble.

And then there’s all the good qualities we ourselves attribute—with little to no actual proof to back it up—to our beloved public figures.

Whereas…it was probably a really dumb idea to idolize these people in the first place. A real fundamental lack of good judgment, a profound absence of critical thinking.

And nowadays, more often than not, we find ourselves “disappointed” in the revelations about this person or the other one. We might feel crushed. We might even feel like we’ve doubted our own pasts, in the sense that our idol has turned out to be a shithead and all our personal mythologies built around him or her was like a sandcastle built upon actual shit.

Which is to say…it was probably not the brightest idea to idolize these people. As I’ve written, we may be forgiven to an extent because we were taught to do such a patently dumb and ill-advised thing as the result of our media and the media’s slavish reinforcement of the predominant power structure at any one given moment in time.

But certainly…we know better now?

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  1. Yep. The older I get, the more I feel that it is way past time to simply acknowledge work that inspires us while not putting the people who made it on a pedestal (and, from time to time, re-evaluate such work).

    I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that we kind of need to be our own heroes.


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