“Crazy Days And Nights” Name-Checks The Head Of The Bavarian Illuminati


Is this the big breakthrough to the Grand Hollywood Conspiracy everyone’s been looking for? Or has the edgy gossip site Crazy Days And Nights finally jumped the shark?

Over the last six months or so CDaN has progressed from a spookily-accurate “insider” gossip column to a place that conspiracy-hounds from 4chan go over with a fine-tooth comb for “clues.” (the latter not necessarily invalidating CDaN’s spookily-accurate blinds, but certainly making things just a touch weirder)

Today’s item did more than just “hint” at this Grand Hollywood Conspiracy, but name-checked it: specifically, the name of “Weishaupt.”

Adam Weishaupt was, of course, the head of the Bavarian Illuminati—that much is historical record, but what rabbit holes you wish to plunge down from that point on regarding the man & his organization is your business.

In the Blind Item—which references a supposedly real account number in its title—various celebrities check into a shady hotel under a fake name. And what is that fake name?

When this man showed up with his nieces who really looked nothing like each other or the man and were really young to be wearing what they were wearing, calls were made. Did anyone know about the reservation and then someone looked up the history of the name associated with the account and sent a group e-mail asking about the reservation and included the account number in the e-mail. The man and his nieces were not given a room because none of them had or were willing to produce identification or a method of payment. The man explained that no payment was ever required because it was handled through Mr. Weishaupt. No one at the company had ever heard of Mr. Weishaupt and another group e-mail was sent inquiring about Mr. Weishaupt.

And that’s…pretty much all I got about that. Supposedly, the name of Adam Weishaupt is being invoked in an Eyes Wide Shut type of situation featuring Oscar-winning actors and etc.

Either that, or…