“Mission: Impossible – Fallout” Trailer Reaction


And so here we have the standard “I’m too old for this shit” plotline where the protagonist’s government has had him do questionable shit and disavowed him for way too long. As if on cue, the tabloids are once again talking about how “Mission Impossible” star Cruise is once again escaping Scientology. Coincidence? Who can tell in Hollywood?

The trailer for Mission: Impossible – Fallout seems pretty enjoyable to me, once again highlighting how much co-star Henry Cavill has been wasted in the DCU movie franchise. Scenes of Cavill beating the shit out of Cruise in the washroom bring to mind the Napoleon Solo vs. Illya Kuryakin scenes from The Man From UNCLE, one of the more underrated flicks of 2015.


Will Cavill ever get his due as an actor? Will Ethan Hunt ever emancipate himself from his employers? Will Cruise ever escape Scientology? Find out in 2018!