Fan Reaction To Alden Ehrenreich As Han Solo: Would That It Twere So Simple


Let me say right off the bat that I’m really pulling for actor Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo in this new movie; I loved him in Hail, Ceasar! and even have a picture of him up on this site’s rotating banner.

That said, he has some really big shoes to fill in the role, and some fans are taking him to task for not being Harrisony Ford enough for their liking.

A few things to remember here: Solo: A Star Wars Story was originally supposed to be virtually a comedy, when it was developed by The Lego Movie’s Phil Lord & Christopher Miller. So in that sense, Ehrenreich, hot from Hail, Ceasar!, was a natural.

Ehrenreich in “Hail, Caesar!”

BUT, pretty much at the last minute, the Star Wars peeps got cold feet, pulled Lord & Miller, hired Ron Howard to massively retool the movie, and reportedly even sent Ehrenreich to acting lessons.

What is the tone of this new movie, based on the trailer? Very grey and dark; like a greyer version of Guardians of the Galaxy. And yet, we still have Ehrenreich’s shit-eating “What, Me Worry?” grin—which, to be fair, is pretty damn close to Ford’s shit-eating “What, Me Worry?” grin from the original movies.

ye standarde Han Solo shit-eating grin/grimace

The irony, of course, is that Donald Glover seemed to have nailed Lando in just like one or two still frames; leading some fans to consider Solo: A Star Wars Story as actually Lando: A Star Wars Story.

Truth is, we’re just not going to know how this is all going to turn out until we see the final product. So calm the fuck down.