Tarantino’s “Manson” Movie Will Feature Roman Polanski


Of course…Quentin Tarantino’s unnamed upcoming film is not technically about Charlie Manson, but rather about the Hollywood-Meets-The-Dark-Side “environment” in which he flourished. That being said, Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie is expected to play Roman Polanski’s doomed wife Sharon Tate in the picture...so having Polanski himself as a pivotal character isn’t too much of a stretch.

Still…in the current environment, depicting Polanski—who has his own ongoing issues with accusations of sexual assault—is kind of a tricky thing.

Even if we leave the assault accusations against him out of it, the world in which he lived with Tate and their friends…was a bit of a murky place. Will that ambivalence make it to the film, or would it be seen in bad taste? Reversely, if Polanski is painted 100% sympathetically, that will also be considered controversial.

According to a source, Tarantino is looking for an “authentic” Polish actor to portray Polanski, to make it feel as accurate as possible.

The movie’s main protagonist, a washed-up TV actor who is looking to restart his career in Spaghetti Westerns, is being played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Both Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are in contention for playing the TV actor’s sidekick, a stunt double. So…this film is going to be pretty huge. And Tarantino’s take on the Manson murders—especially in the post-Weinstein metaphorical “Hollywood Bloodbath”—should be interesting.

The unnamed “Manson” project is slated to hit theaters on the 50th anniversary of the Tate murder, August 9, 2019.