Men In Black Franchise To Be Relaunched


Hot off their unexpected mega-hit Jumanji: Back To The Jungle, Sony is moving full steam ahead on a revival of the “Men In Black” franchise.

“Men In Black” originated with a comic book series by independent publisher Aircel in 1990. It was loosely adapted as a film for Columbia in 1997 starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, spawning Men In Black II (2002) and Men In Black 3 (2012). There was also the animated spinoff Men In Black: The Series, which ran from 1997-2001.

Fun fact: Aircel Comics was bought out by Malibu Comics, which was bought out by…Marvel Comics. And so Marvel has some sort of rights to the property as well, at least in terms of publishing.

The new “Men In Black” franchise would be developed by Sony and Amblin, with The Fate Of The Furious and Straight Out Of Compton director F. Gary Gray slated to direct. The new movie is based on a script by Iron Man screenwriters Matt Holloway & Art Marcum, and Steven Spielberg will be executive producing the flick.

Sony is hoping for a June 14, 2019 release date—and Smith and Jones are not expected to return.