Get Ready For “Passion Of The Christ 2”


For those concerned that The Passion of the Christ, the 2004 film by Mel Gibson that made a metric shit-ton of money, left too many unanswered questions about what happens next for our zany cast of characters—you can rest assured, a sequel is on its way.

Jim Caviezel is in talks with Gibson to reprise his role as the Savior Of Humankind for the follow-up, which would focus on what happened after the resurrection of Christ. The actor has recently expanded his range of religious figures to portray, co-starring in the upcoming movie Paul, Apostle of Christ as Luke.

While chatter regarding a The Passion Of The Christ sequel has been going on for almost two years, this is the first time it’s confirmed that Caviezel may again take on the role. Sure, he’s 49 now—but that’s around “30” in Hollywood Dude years.

A bigger question might be: is there enough “official” story about the resurrection of Jesus to make an entire movie out of? Would it focus mainly on the Apostles and the start of the Christian movement, or would the entire thing circle around Christ coming back from the dead? (might be a great place to put in special effects)

Faith-based movies have become quite a “thing” since The Passion of the Christ came out 14 years ago, so certainly the market is still there. Gibson has sort of been “mainstreamed” back into the Hollywood scene after launching into an Anti-semitic tirade against an arresting officer in 2006, and let’s face it: the United States has so crossed the rubicon towards normalizing these types of bigoted views that Gibson’s outburst almost seems “quaint” at this point, a relic of a “simpler” time.

So yeah…we’re getting like 14 Transformers sequels and a handful of Avatar follow-ups, so why not “Passion of the Christ: Resurrection?”