Please Stop Calling Tom Hanks The Nicest Man In Hollywood


With recent news that Tom Hanks will be playing beloved children’s TV host Mister Rogers in a new movie, the inevitable sobriquet “nicest man in Hollywood” has again been thrown around about the actor.

While I worship and adore Hanks as much as the next person of roughly my age and socio-economic indicators, I do worry that this might all jinx him somewhat, begging God to throw in some ironic downfall for the man just to fuck with my head personally and destroy whatever little shards of trust I have left in humanity.

So instead of a descriptor with so many expectations—expectations that Hanks the Human may or may not be able to fulfill—I humbly suggest we call him instead “an OK guy from Hollywood.” Or: “an overwhelmingly non-destructive actor.” Or: “Pretty decent.”

Let’s not tempt fate.

Postscript: this goes triple for Fred Rogers.