Billy Baldwin Only Baldwin Brother Left To Me


It is with a heavy heart that I must report that William “Billy” Baldwin, star of the 1990 movie Flatliners, is now the only remaining Baldwin brother left to me. I lost Stephen Baldwin—the formerly “funny one” of the group, to hyper religious/conservative whargarbl some years back, and Daniel Baldwin…well, I never really “lost” him, but he’s had some really big problems.

And now Alec “Alpha Bear” Baldwin has made the news again after giving a impassioned and semi-coherent defense of Woody Allen on Twitter—comparing Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan, who has accused the director of sexual abuse, to the lying woman in the classic book/film To Kill A Mockingbird.

It would seem to me that having a belligerent blowhard with a history of anger management issues (including cursing out his own daughter) defend him would not really be to Allen’s express benefit—except, of course, for the inherent comedy value.

It’s odd that Alec would specifically choose to launch the To Kill A Mockingbird defense for Allen because a) the woman who lied about rape in that story did so out of racism & there is no racial component to the Allen situation, b) there is, in fact, an inference in the story that the woman was actually raped by her own father, and c) while he claims that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, he’s sort of insinuating that he’s got the case figured out anyway & that Dylan is a lying liar.

To give added weight to his statements, Alec intelligently tweeted this all from the “Alec Baldwin Foundation” account, in case after he told you that you can unfollow him if you didn’t like his defense of Allen, you were in the mood to donate a little bit of money.

At any rate: Billy Baldwin, star of the 1999 movie Virus, is the only Baldwin brother left to me.