The New Bill And Ted Sequel Would Be A Tribute To George Carlin


If a 3rd “Bill & Ted” does get made, it would be a tribute to the late George Carlin’s character Rufus. Writer Ed Solomon recently said the proposed movie Bill & Ted Face The Music—if it ever gets made—would feature Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves as middle-aged versions of the title characters. At one point, Bill and Ted see their teenage selves—and Rufus.

How would this be done? Solomon suggests footage would be used from the original 1989 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. But you have to wonder, would that “rejuvenation” CGI that’s been recently used on actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Kurt Russell come into play, giving us a genuine replica of Winter and Reeves?

And then what about Carlin himself? Wouldn’t it be tempting to “recreate” him? Have stranger fates happened?

Anyway, they’ve been talking about this Bill & Ted for like ten years now, so it may never happen. Solomon explained that it’s been hard to “sell” the premise of a movie about two dudes in their 50s…even if one is essentially John Wick.