That James Franco/Casey Affleck Oscars Medley You Were Looking Forward To Won’t Be Happening Any Time Soon


This post is more like a footnote to the recent James Franco one, as news hits that Casey Affleck has pulled out of presenting the Best Actress award at this year’s Oscars. As per the custom, last year’s Best Actor—Affleck won for Manchester By The Sea—presents to the current year’s Best Actress.

As Affleck, like James Franco, is facing/has faced allegations of harassment against women—that proved a BIT INCONVEEEEENENT for the Academy. While Affleck was the one who ultimately decided to not present the award, one can only imagine that the pressure was building against him for months.

I don’t give a tremendous amount of fucks for Casey Affleck, but once again this demonstrates how Hollywood (and I bundle the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences in with them) did literally fucking NOTHING (nothing) about sexual misconduct for decades (DECADES), and now is scrambling at virtually the last minute to prevent themselves from looking “bad.”

These allegations against Affleck had been circulating for a while. Didn’t stop him from getting an Oscar. But NOW Hollywood cares. Because God forbid somebody “boos” when Affleck presented that award. There could be a “boo” now. There could be a thinkpiece written about it now on Slate or the Daily Beast.

Now they care. They’ve suddenly grown a conscience. After Weinstein, Spacey, etc. for decades.

They care now because it’s CONVEEEEENENT. And because unlike certain other actors, Casey Affleck and James Franco—while having produced some critically acclaimed stuff—ain’t packin’ them into the Marvel and Batman movies. (though, to be fair, Franco was Harry Osborn in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies back in the day).

Anyway. Casey Affleck will not—I repeat, will not—be dancing with Snow White this year. Sorry.