Twin Peaks Tarot Cards


I remember seeing this tarot card art based on Twin Peaks for a while now—but apparently an entire deck has been completed, including both Major and Minor Arcana.

The quality of “novelty” or “themed” tarot decks really vary for me, but this deck by artist Benjamin Mackey is a pretty impressive work. Certainly, part of that is the way his art blends in with that of the original Rider-Waite deck—but also a lot of thought obviously was put in here in terms of how various elements from Twin Peaks resonated esoterically with the various tarot symbols and meanings.


Mackey ran a successful Indiegogo to fund the sale of the deck, which of course was widely successful and completely sold out.

Another deck, incorporating some images from the revival, has been made by a different artist, Claire Maiafire


And here is art of the Magician card featuring deux Coopers, by Alba Ballesta: