“Grandma The Clown” Resigns From Circus After Sexual Misconduct Allegation


It’s come to this, folks.

“Grandma The Clown” has resigned from the Big Apple Circus after an allegation that he pressured a 16-year-old aerialist to pose for pornographic photos in 2004.

Grandma, also known as Barry Lubin, 65, does not deny the accusation, saying through his lawyer, “The allegations are true. What I did was wrong and I take responsibility for my actions.”

The unnamed female had reported the incident to the Big Apple Circus in 2012, but they said Lubin was no longer working for them & thus there was nothing they could do. However, when she began recently seeing “Grandma Is Back” ads for Lubin’s return to the circus on her Facebook, she was like: “fuck that shit.”

Lubin met the girl at children’s circus camp in Vermont, offering to give her work at Big Apple if she posed for his “personal photography business” first.


Later, he allegedly remarked to her that one his Japan-based clients, whom he gave the pics to, commented “You’re one of the sexiest girls they’ve ever seen.”


So. Anyway.

Friggin’ Grandma the Clown, man. Clowns are scary.